A classic red double decker bus turned into a mobile coffee shop? Yes, please! The Mori family from Nampa, Idaho planned, renovated, and finally launched Double Decker Espresso just after Christmas of 2018.

We found out about them a couple of weeks later and were dying to check them off our Coffee Shop Bucket List. And as it turned out, we visited them on our February exploration day that you can check out HERE!

Since the bus is mobile they take full advantage it and visit a new location every day they’re open. Currently they park in Nampa, Caldwell, and Middleton but have more locations in the works. To see where they’ll be on any given day, like and follow their Facebook page to check out that week’s itinerary.


If you’ve never seen a double decker bus other than on TV, this is a fantastic opportunity to explore one without having to leave the country! Everything is authentic in Double Decker Espresso, from the sliding doors to the driver’s seat on the right-hand side to the benches on the top level.

Did we mention homemade cinnamon rolls available daily?

Go ahead and drool. We won’t judge. Mainly because it mysteriously disappeared rather quickly. *eyes Caleb* At least we managed to get a picture in!

The coffee and tea offerings are all English-themed. Since we’ve never been to England, we can’t vouch for the British authenticity factor. But they tasted pretty great to our Idaho taste buds!

Double Decker Espresso coffee shop Nampa

Yummy Drinks

So they renovated the bus. They make their own treats every day. They prepare all the orders themselves. AND they roast their own coffee beans!

How neat is that?! Not only is their coffee yummy, it’s unique to them which just further adds the overall experience at Double Decker Espresso.

Double Decker Espresso coffee shop Nampa

Caleb ordered the Double Decker to test out their specially-roasted coffee. The sacrifices we make for this blog…. Just kidding! Going out to coffee is a definite perk of the job! This particular drink is drip coffee with a shot of espresso and the option for cream and flavors. He felt in the mood to take it black and really enjoyed the flavor (and the caffeine boost!).

I stepped outside my normal coffee shop order and tried the London Fog, an Early Grey tea with cream and vanilla. *angel chorus* I seriously doubt that the fog in London tastes this good. Tea normally isn’t my thing, but something about the creamy floral and vanilla tones just worked together so, so well!

Trying to avoid giving a toddler caffeine, we ordered William a hot chocolate. This was his first hot chocolate ever which, now that I think of it, makes me wonder how on earth he managed two years of life without a hot chocolate?! Dustin was super nice and made it not-too-hot so William could actually enjoy it. Which he did.

A lot.

Exploration Day Double Decker Espresso coffee shop Nampa

The Experience

How many chances do you get to see, let alone get inside of, a double decker bus? If you’re like us, none. Sure, you could travel to Canada or England and see them in their natural habitat. But there’s no coffee involved.

We loved sitting upstairs. It was so neat to 1) be on the upper level of a double decker bus (I admit it’s been a childhood dream of mine) and 2) enjoy our drinks in such a cozy and special environment. Double Decker Espresso also provides some games you can play to add yet another layer of memories to your visit.

Double Decker Espresso coffee shop Nampa


A cool feature of Double Decker Espresso is its ability to not be in the same place every single day. It takes a bit more planning than “I want coffee today” because you have to look to see where they are on their Facebook page. But that’s a task we’re willing to take on.

Since they make their cinnamon rolls from scratch, (have you ever made cinnamon rolls?! It is not an easy feat!) they are not able to offer anything allergen friendly. Totally understandable. However, they do offer dairy-free milk alternatives, so your drinks can be dairy-free!

The only other lowlight we could find is actually one of our highlights, and that is the upper level. Stairs take up a lot of room so the bus manufacturers had to make it narrow and steep in order to fit. William could manage the stairs on his own, but it was definitely a climb.

So if high steps are difficult for you, then sitting up top might not be an option. But being up there isn’t necessary to enjoying Double Decker Espresso! Goodness, no. You can still get the great coffee or tea, see a classic red double decker bus, and meet the awesome people behind the whole thing.

Visit Double Decker Espresso Again? YES!

Exploration Day Double Decker Espresso coffee shop Nampa
We had the pleasure of meeting Dustin and his daughter Maleia

The Mori family is one of the nicest families you could meet. Their entrepreneurial spirits brought a bus all the way from England to provide such a unique experience to the Treasure Valley. And their coffee is pretty great, too!

It is literally an entire coffee shop on wheels. Keep up to date with their new locations on their Facebook page. With the coffee bar downstairs and cozy seating upstairs, your experience at Double Decker Espresso will not only be one-of-a-kind but also one you can’t wait to visit again!

But don’t take our word for it. Check them out yourselves and then let us know what you think! Comment below if you’ve been to Double Decker Espresso before or if it’s on your Treasure Valley exploration bucket list.

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