Since locally owned and operated fits so well into our vision for Exploring As We Go, Caleb and I want to do our part to spread word about the restaurants, shops, and artisans in the Treasure Valley. And since we love coffee, why not start there? Enter stage right: our Local Coffee Shops Bucket List for the Treasure Valley.

While we love chain restaurants and shops because we know we can get the exact same experience no matter where we go, we have a big spot in our hearts for supporting homegrown industry and economy. And the thought of supporting the local coffee shops in the Boise, Meridian, and Nampa by testing all of them?

*angel chorus*

It’s just too good to pass up!

It is our vision to visit every single one of these coffee shops that are locally owned and operated. We’re super excited! (Largely because of all the awesome coffee we get to try! Yum!)

Want to join us on our exploration of Treasure Valley coffee shops? Comment below on where we should visit next or let us know which places you haven’t been yet and we’ll scout them out for you!

Boise Meridian Nampa Idaho Locally Owned Coffee Shops

Locally Owned Coffee Shops in the Treasure Valley

We’ve got a thing for maps. Or at least I do. I think it’s the visual aspect that I love. In one look I can see alllll the info I need.

If I’m in a particular part of town and am looking for something specific, one quick glance will tell me that, “Hey, this place is just a few blocks away. But this other place you’re thinking about is across town.”

So does it surprise you we’ve got a map for all the locally owned coffee shops in the Treasure Valley?

And, disclaimer, these local coffee shops are in no particular order. They’re laid out as I found them. So no favorites… yet.

local coffee shops treasure valley boise meridian nampa

Boise Coffee

  • The Roastere at Treasure Valley Coffee
  • Awakenings Coffee House
  • Deathproof Coffee
  • Coffee Studio
  • Oliver’s Daily Grind
  • Caffeina Coffee Roasters
  • Frog’s Fix Coffee Parlor
  • AeroCaffe Coffee House
  • Push and Pour Coffee Company
  • Mocha Moose Coffee
  • Java Hyde Park (Wake Up and Live)
  • Hyde Perk Coffee House
  • Big City Coffee and Café
  • District Coffee House
  • Neckar Coffee
  • Moss Coffee and Tea
  • Flying M Coffeehouse
  • Slow By Slow Coffee Bar
  • Iron Mule Coffee (originally Ironside Roasting Co. & Café Mule Cold Brew)
  • Form & Function Coffee Roasting Supply
  • Bikes and Beans
  • Zero Six Coffee Fix
  • Coffee Mill

Meridian Coffee

  • Village Coffee
  • Coffee Studio
  • Lucky Perk
  • Urban Fox Coffee & Boba
  • Deja Brew: Laugh-A-Latte
  • Mountain Timber Coffee
  • Chardoney’s Brew Lane

Nampa Coffee

  • Flying M Coffeegarage
  • Hot Shots Brew Crew
  • Café’ de Coco
  • Java Ray’s Espresso
  • Meg’s Barnhouse
  • Espresso-ly Yours
  • Double Decker Espresso (they’re at a different location each day)

We inevitably have missed some great local coffee shops and roasters mainly because they’re hard to find. I know I’ve bought some coffee from a small family-run roastery at a local farmer’s market last summer, but I couldn’t find them again for this bucket list.

If you know of a coffee shop or roastery that is locally owned and operated (not part of a franchise) please let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to our list!

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