Life can get in the way of so many things, including your love life. It’s so so so important to keep that romantic connection to the special someone in your life. Sometimes you’ve got to plan ahead for anything to happen. Here’s some of the greatest romantic date night ideas to help keep that romance flaming hot.

No matter your budget, you can have a wonderful date reconnecting with your significant other. Whether you want to stay at home or spend the night on the town, these ideas and the tips at the bottom of the post are the perfect recipe for a romantic date night.

Out and About

Sometimes it’s just really great to get out of the house, away from all the dishes and laundry piling up and the never-ending to-do list, and spend focused time with the love of your life. Okay, it’s great to do that more than just sometimes.

Getting out and about is also an excellent way to refresh your soul and fan the flames of your undying love. Sound sappy?

Awesome, that’s what I was going for.

Once you’ve decided to go out for the evening (or afternoon, or day, or weekend, or month….), you’ve got two big things to consider: 1) where to go and 2) how much to spend. Luckily we’ve got you covered.

Greatest Romantic Date Night Ideas
Photographed by Caleb Patrick Photography.

Budget Friendly

Date nights don’t have to be expensive in order to be romantic. The best way to make a date wonderful is to treat it as such.

And really, you go on a date to spend special one-on-one time with your significant other. The stuff you do while out and about is the cherry on top.

Unless you don’t like those maraschino cherries. Then it’s some other special topping metaphor.

Assuming you didn’t get fixated on cherries atop desserts, here’s some budget-friendly romantic date night ideas that may or may not include cherries on top of desserts.

Cheap but Great Romantic Date Night Ideas

  • Walk or bike around a fascinating or new neighborhood. Explore together. Follow it up with specialty ice cream or hot chocolate.
  • Go holiday shopping together
  • Explore your city like a tourist (making sure to check off all those lame, touristy things!)
  • Go on a city scavenger hunt. Groupon has a lot of great deals for scavenger hunts in not only Boise but throughout the country.
  • Or make your own scavenger hunts for each other
  • Visit a local bookstore for a unique date
  • Spend some quality time at a local coffee shop either talking or playing games (or both!)
  • Grab coffee early in the morning and drive to a scenic overlook to watch the sunrise followed up by a hole-in-the-wall café
  • Watch a move at the dollar theater followed up by ice cream
  • Get all dressed up and enjoy a yummy dessert at a fancy restaurant
  • Window shop around the Boise Towne Square Mall, Downtown Boise, the Village at Meridian, or Hyde Park
  • Create a story together while at a local coffee shop and ask strangers for help when you get stuck

No Expenses Spared… Kind of

That can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Maybe this means a sunrise hot air balloon ride sipping mimosas following a luxurious night at a beautiful resort. Maybe this means getting dessert with dinner and popcorn with the movie.

It depends.

It’s a lot of fun to go all out (within reason) pampering the one you love, and, let’s admit it, pampering yourself in the process. So here are some more romantic date night ideas that don’t have to be just for Valentine’s Day.

Special Date Ideas for a Special Someone

  • Take a class together. Painting, glass blowing, cooking, self-defense, whatever suits your fancy! Groupon again has some fun coupons.
  • Book a couple photo shoot to document your relationship. Caleb and I at Caleb Patrick Photography would love to craft the perfect portrait session for you!
  • Watch a live performance. Boise has several great theaters, concerts, comedy centers, and performances to check out.
  • Spend the night or weekend at a cabin
  • Catch a local sports game. Idaho Steelheads, Boise Hawks, or one of the many Boise State University athletic programs.
  • Night ski up at Bogus Basin
  • Explore a museum or local attraction. Check out our Ultimate Boise Guide for some of our top Boise attractions.
  • Enjoy a carriage, sleigh, or trolley tour around town or around the mountains. Downtown Boise has fun trolley tours that’ll let you see the town from a new perspective.
  • Be kids again and enjoy yourselves at Wahooz or Roaring Springs…. without the kids.
  • Get active. Go rock climbing, swimming, workout, attend an exercise class. Anything that gets your heart rate pumping releases some of those great endorphins.
  • Rent an RV and drive up to the mountains to watch a picturesque sunset and the gorgeous night skies
  • Relax in one of the many hot springs Idaho has to offer
date night ideas out and about
Photographed by Caleb Patrick Photography.

Staying In

Who says you have to leave the comfort of your house in order to have a great and romantic date night??

No one.

And if someone did say that (because odds are somebody has uttered those words in that sequence before), then they’re wrong. How do I know this?

Because a date is what you make of it. The most important part is the lovely person sitting beside you… or across the room planning their nerf gun ambush.

There’s also no rules against PDA when you’re at home, soooooo….. Another perk.

Romantic Date Night Ideas at Home

  • Make a fancy meal together followed by a candlelit dinner
  • Rent a movie, buy some pizza and your favorite drinks, and camp out on an air mattress in the living room
  • Eat fun finger foods while jamming out to some YouTube karaoke (extra points for the best performance of the night)
  • Raid a gas station for all the snacks (and pay for them. Don’t make us look bad….) and stay up til the wee hours playing video games
  • Light some candles, pour some wine, and give each other a massage. Make your home a spa and pamper yourselves.
  • Learn new but generally useless skills like awesome paper airplane folding, juggling, whistling with your fingers, and so forth
  • Enjoy fondue while going through the 36 Questions That Lead to Love
  • Create a time capsule with your favorite mementos and memories from your relationship. The bonus here is it makes for another romantic date a few years down the road.
  • Travel the world by making (or ordering out) a meal from another culture and play a game from that region
  • Make a cheese, crackers, and sausage platter and spend the evening playing games
  • Recreate your first date (or the most memorable date) at home
  • Solve a puzzle together while dreaming together (Where do you want to be in 5, 10, 15 years? What are you dreams for the kids? What do you hope for your career? What would you do if you could do anything?)
  • Learn a new dance together. YouTube has some great tutorials.
  • Look back through your wedding album or video. Reminisce over your favorite memories.

Tips for the Best Romantic Date Night Ever

No Kids Allowed

Sounds kind of harsh, I know. But some of the magic of a date night gets soaked up by those little munchkins. It’s hard to reconnect as a couple and as adults when you’re still in mommy or daddy mode.

  • Find a baby sitter. You two can either spend a carefree night on the town or a special evening locked away in your room. Just be sure to smuggle in plenty of food and snacks if you stay home!
  • Organize sleepovers. This is a budget-friendly way to keep your kids entertained. Maybe you can swap babysitting/sleepover duties with another family. Or maybe some grandma and grandpa time is the better option. Your kids won’t feel like they’re missing out when they’re having a blast!
  • If neither of those are viable options, work together to get the kids to bed, spend a little time sprucing yourselves up to help set the mood, and then relax during your super special at-home date.

Wear Something that Makes You Feel Great

Get dressed to the nines, wear some sexy lingerie, rock those new heels or that shirt you just know makes her go crazy (in a good way).

If you set your mind that this date is a special event worth spending some time to look and feel great, then you’re already off to a fantastic start. The best way for a date to be special is to view it as such. Because what could be better than spending some quality time with the love of your life?

Write Letters

It’s not as boring as it sounds. Whatever you decide to do, whether it’s to get out of the house or spend a night in, write a love letter to your significant other. Include what you love about him or her, what you appreciate, what is endearing about him or her, even something that’ll make the love of your life (or you) blush.

Then, when you have a quiet moment, exchange your letters.

You might be surprised at some of the things you’ll read. It’s a great way to fall in love all over again.

Focus on Each Other

The most important part of a romantic date is, drumroll please….

Don’t touch your phone.

Gasp! Surely she can’t mean that!!!

Oh I do. I most certainly do. Unplug from the most distracting device in your life and instead direct your focus to the one who matters the most to you.

There’s no room on a romantic date for a smart phone.

What are your favorite romantic date night ideas or tips? We’re always looking for new one! Comment below and let us know.

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