Local. Fresh. Handcrafted. Waffles. Um, yes please! Waffle Me Up in downtown Boise serves up buttery waffles to order, whether you’re in the mood for savory or sweet. The crunchy exterior and soft center is characteristic of their special European presses providing you with mouthful after mouthful of delicious goodness. Plus, they offer gluten-free vegan waffles, too, for those with special dietary restrictions that are just as wonderful to devour.

Waffle Me Up says on their front page, “You haven’t had a waffle until you try this one!” And we’re inclined to agree. Granted, our experience of various waffle houses is rather limited, but that doesn’t mean these waffles are anything other than great!

Waffle Me Up: a review

How to Find It

With such close proximity to the Capitol building, Waffle Me Up is easy to find. Just head towards the Capitol along Capitol Blvd (ingenious naming, I must say) and there it is on the right just before crossing Bannock St. Even though parking isn’t allowed directly in front of the restaurant, but there are plenty of street parking spots available within a block radius.

We walked there after visiting a nearby attraction (we visited the Basque Museum and Cultural Center, if you’re curious to read our spotlight) and found it very pleasant walking along the sidewalks seeing all the beautiful old buildings.

The restaurant itself is in the same building and large space as Boise Fry Company. During operation hours, there normally is a sidewalk sign to help delineate the entrance closest to their kitchen and order area.

Waffle Me Up sign


The Waffles, Duh!

All three of us greatly enjoyed eating our waffles. With a menu lined with both savory and sweet options, you can pick whatever sounds best without having to come up with an amazing topping combination. Or, if you’re in a customizing mood, a long list of toppings can be added in any order onto a plain waffle, creating a truly unique experience every time you come.

Hungry from our morning adventures, Caleb ordered the Bob Deluxe, a handmade waffle topped with Havarti cheese, a fried egg, bacon, syrup, and fresh basil. It was perfectly portioned for a yummy lunch.

The steaming waffle fills your mouth to complete satisfaction, teasing your tongue with a crispy outside and soft inside. Real Belgian sugar pearls baked into the dough gave splashes of sweetness that perfectly complemented the waffle regardless if the toppings are savory or sweet.

Waffle Me Up waffles

Gluten-Free and Vegan Waffles

William and I both had the gluten-free vegan waffles loaded with fresh berries, powdered sugar, and syrup. The little stinker ate all his blackberries and raspberries off his plate and off mine. They’re his absolute favorite, though, so how could I say no?

Our waffles satisfied in the exact same way as the regular waffles and barely had any typical “gluten-free” flavor. To me, the girl who hasn’t had gluten in years, these waffles came straight from heaven. Caleb tasted mine and, though he could tell they tasted different than his waffle, he still found it delicious.

And did I mention that all the waffles are handmade every day with local, fresh, non-GMO ingredients?

Two (sticky!) thumbs up!

Waffle Me Up: eating waffles

One little note is if you are more hungry than snackish, add more to your waffle than just berries. They have a large topping selection where you can customize your waffle. Some more sustaining options include a fried egg, bacon, Nutella, and avocado.

The Waffle Me Up Atmosphere

Like I mentioned earlier, Waffle Me Up is in the same building as Boise Fry Company and share a common dining area. The seating ranged from high tables, to regular-height tables, to comfy couches. Also available is an outdoor seating area for warmer weather.

I loved the strand lighting that swayed above our heads making the room feel cozier. To top it all off, they have a coffee bar to customize your coffee to your special requests thus rounding out the waffle-eating experience.

Lowlights (Very Minor)

While I am putting this under “Lowlights” because it wasn’t a highlight, it is a part of the Waffle Me Up experience that some might not enjoy so I am compelled to say something.

We visited during noontime on Saturday and, while the seating area was barely half filled, the combined noise of the two kitchens was above the normal restaurant hum. It reminded me a bustling coffee shop. So not necessarily a bad thing especially if you enjoy that feel, but it isn’t a place to have a quiet conversation. Unless you’re good at concentrating which I don’t think any of us are… So yeah.

I could perhaps have a slightly skewed perception because I was already a little frazzled keeping an eye on William (he had been in his stroller all morning and needed to move) and hungry, to boot. But don’t let this discourage you from visiting! Heavens, no.

One other little thing to note is that because the waffles are freshly made to order, there is a slight waiting time since they are handmade and adorned. Again, not a big issue but just something to keep in mind when visiting. It’s not a fast food place, but orders can be taken to-go.

Waffle Me Up waffles


We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Waffle Me Up in downtown Boise! Next time we go I plan on getting a little more outside my box and creating a custom-topped waffle, especially now that I know how delicious the waffles are. Caleb and William seemed to hit their waffle jackpot and will probably order the same thing again.

A beautiful walk there, a bustling urban atmosphere, and uh-mazing waffles all combined to make an adventure at Waffle Me Up that we cannot wait to revisit.

What is your favorite place to order waffles in the Treasure Valley? Do you think you’ll give Waffle Me Up a try?

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